Why Video And Ecommerce Go Hand In Hand

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what does that make a video worth? In the last 5 years, videos have dominated the internet and yet seemingly, ecommerce has not yet fully adopted video content. With the rise of Youtube, Vimeo and so on, it has been increasingly easy to record your own videos and upload them to the net for all to see, but so few seem to do this for their ecommerce stores.

So why are website owners not using video?

Like anything on the web, creating amazing video content isn’t an overnight process. Anyone can film a shaky video with poor audio and lighting but to create something truly great you need experience and insight into the tools you use, the products you sell and the message you’re trying to convey. That’s why most people interested in getting high quality videos go to design agencies or industry professionals.

But why should I care about video?

The simplest answer is that videos help conversions…A LOT! But this isn’t just for big websites like Amazon. A modest example would be an ecommerce store selling paintballing products; they saw their conversion rate jump to 3.26% from 2.58% by using videos. The videos also brought in an additional ~200 visits a day which over the year equated to a huge lift in sales.

Video isn’t just confined to ecommerce

When done right, videos can enhance any website, no matter what the goal is. A website asking users to enter their email address to get informed when the product launched tested their page with and without video content. Their results were clear:

Without the video, 6.5% of users entered their email address, with a video embedded on the page they saw a 69% increase to 11% and with a video in a “pop up” screen they saw a 100% increase to 13%.

What should I use videos for?

You can use videos for absolutely anything; product demonstrations, tutorials on how to do specific things, videos to promote your brand, the list is endless.

Videos are especially ideal for demonstrating something new to the market or something that is very visual in nature. A great example of this would be a cleaning product.

Video is a worthwhile investment

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