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Did you know that over 50% of all of the sites today are powered by Wordpress? Thats an astonishing 35 million plus websites. If you are one of those 35 million plus website owners with a Wordpress site you know that Wordpress is a powerful tool but did you know that you can even do ecommerce with Wordpress? It's true, some people have developed what we call WordPress shopping carts. The Wordpress shopping carts are in general much more simple then a full blown hosted ecommerce tool but they are none the less usable as an actual store and are in most cases pretty easy to add-on to your existing Wordpress powered site.

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WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

The plugins below provide full shopping cart functionality inside of Wordpress but do not change the look and feel of your site. The site theme needs to be changed or a pre-built ecommerce theme must be used.


  • Cart66 Homepage
  • Free Lite Version, $89 Single License, $299 Unlimited for 1 year
  • Supports recurring billing for membership sites.
  • Lite version supports only Paypal Standard and Express Checkout.
  • Works with any WordPress theme.


  • WooCommerce Homepage
  • WooCommerce Review
  • Free but must pay for support and themes
  • Includes reviews, flat fee shipping, coupons, item attributes and categories
  • Only supports paypal standard and offline payment methods.


eShop Homepage



MarketPress Homepage

$17 Basic, $34 Premium


Tribulant Homepage

$54.99 Single, $274.95 Unlimited


WP-ecommerce Homepage



Shopp Homepage

$55 Single License, $299 Developer License

Yak for Wordpress

Yak for Wordpress Homepage

Free/Open Source


Duka Homepage

Free/Open Source


wpStoreCart Homepage

Free/Open Source


eStore Homepage

$49.95 sell downloadable products only

WordPress Shopping Cart Theme & Plugin

The WordPress carts below include both the shopping cart functionality and the theme. Generally they are not as powerful or flexible as the plain plugins.


ShopperPress Homepage



MarketTheme Homepage

$55 Standard License, $150 Developer License


Templatic Homepage

$65 Single License, $99 Developer License

Free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

The free WordPress plugins below are generally very simple with very little flexibility.

Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

Simple Paypal Shopping Cart Homepage

Fat Free Cart

Fat Free Cart Homepage

Setup "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons for your products. Supports only Google Checkout and Paypal.


QuickShop Homepage

Adds a sidebar widget for managing he cart. Orders are only emailed.

LBAK Google Checkout

LBAK Google Checkout Homepage

Supports only Google Checkout


JigoShop Homepage

Free plugin, just pay for the themes. Free support via forums or pay for premium support. Full featured plugin including reporting.


MiniCart Homepage

Only supports buying one item at a time

Regular Carts with WordPress Plugins

The shopping carts below are regular full featured shopping carts that have a Wordpress integration.


edwid Homepage

3 Plans ranging from free - $950 year


Wazala Homepage

3 Plans ranging from $9.95-$29.95 month


BigCommerce Homepage

Plans ranging from $24.95-$299.95 month

Read our BigCommerce Review


Volusion Homepage

Plans ranging from $19-$249 month

Read our Volusion Review


Magento Homepage

Free community edition


WPOnlineStore Homepage

Free add-on for OSCommerce

DPD for Wordpress

DPD for Wordpress Homepage

Digital products only, plans ranging from $5-$45 per month

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