FTC Disclosure

I receive compensation from some of the ecommerce companies I have reviewed in the form of affiliate and/or partnership payments. By Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation, it is my responsibility to disclose the nature of my relationships.

  • All reviews and recommendations are fair and honest depications of the software and are not swayed by any advertising or affiliate relationship.
  • I am never paid to write reviews. I only get paid to refer clients companies and I only refer to companies that I truly believe in.
  • I do not receive free versions of ecommerce software to test. I pay for my own account and/or use the free trial versions of software.
  • I will always tell you if I think a ecommerce host is bad or good.
  • This site was created to help inform ecommerce merchants and help them make good buying decisions but it does take a great deal of time and effort to make a comprehensive site and the affiliate payments help me to finance this work.
  • If you like my site please support it by using the links provided to signup for your new ecommerce software.

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