5 Web Page Shopping Cart Tips for More Traffic

I cannot stress enough how important content is to your web page shopping cart success. If your web page does not have unique content you will not get found by the search engines. If you aren't found by the search engines then good luck getting anyone to find your store and buy from you. Content is king of the web, search engines like Google want to provide their visitors with high quality content.

#1 Create Buying Guides

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Show customers that you actually use the products that you sell or have at least tried them out. Think of the types of questions that your customers may have before they make a purchase and how you can help them. Ie create an faq, write comprehensive reviews of the products, give customers suggestions of which products that you like best and why.

Other ideas for buying guides: create comparison charts, explain the feature differences and what types are products are best for who, get the customer thinking about what types of questions they should be asking.

#2 Become an Expert

Position yourself as an expert in whatever you are selling. What makes you different from all of the other sellers out there and why should someone purchase from you? If you can show them that you know your stuff and provide lots of interesting content, advice and help then you become the go to place to buy from. Write articles to establish yourself as the expert and post these articles. Make sure that you are always honest about what you like and don't like, people will quickly see through you and not trust you if they find one thing that they believe is false. Remember happy customers will come again and again and tell their friends.

#3 Write Unique Product Descriptions

One of the best ways to add content to your shopping carts web pages is by creating your own unique product descriptions. I know its easy to just use the manufacturers product descriptions but thats what everyone does. How are you going to stand out from everyone else selling the same products if you all have the same description. Google will consider your content duplicate if it finds the exact same text on another site and they will disregard it or move you way back in the search results. How many other people are selling the exact same thing with the same product descriptions as you?

#4 Take your Own Photos

This is the same as above for the descriptions, if you use the exact same photos as everyone else your web page shopping cart will not stand out from the crowd. Not only will google see it as a duplicate but so will your visitors. Yes, its more difficult to make your own photos but it is worth the work, you will now have a unique picture that you can use to attract visitors and search engines.

#5 Request Customer Reviews

Customer reviews lend credibility to your website and the product. New customers can see that you do have others who are purchasing the items and they can see what others liked about the item or did not like. Reviews are proven to influence user buying behavior. Reviews also help with search engine listings by providing regular new fresh content on pages that normally don't change often.

On a personal standpoint I hardly buy anything these days without first heading over to Amazon to read customer reviews. If an item is highly rated then there is a greater chance that I to will like it.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you overwhelmed now thinking how am I going to do this with all of my items? I know it seems daunting but start with your most popular items or categories from your current web page shopping cart, these are the ones where you will be able to see an immediate impact from making changes.

If you are overwhelmed simply by the volume, ie you carry so many items, perhaps you should consider getting rid of some of the items you sell to enable more specialization, ie a niche web page shopping cart versus a very generic shopping cart selling everything. It will be very difficult to become an expert in everything especially if you are a one man (or woman) shop. Keep your top sellers and most profitable items and pick a particular niche that you are more knowledgeable in to concentrate on instead of trying to sell everything. For more information about choosing the right niche read creating a successfull online store. Remember customers are more likely to purchase from you if you are an expert since they know they can come to you with questions and help.

If you are having trouble trying to decide what to write about check your email inbox. If you already have an active web page shopping cart then your customers have probably already asked many good questions and you have already answered them. Go through these questions and answers as a starting point for your product Q&A.

Not a Good Writer?

Don't worry if your grammar isn't perfect or you have spelling errors etc, the content is whats important. Be personable with your audience they want to know who you are and why you are an expert in this topic, share your life experiences and write with your own unique voice.


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